NEGSIS Trainer Solution - is an enterprise solution for pilot training.

The NeTS consists of the F-35 Simulator with defence software enterprice for pilot training. It is in all aspects prepared to function like the real aircraft.
All types of scenarios in all types of weather conditions, night or day, can be practiced in the simulator, like Air Refuel, Navigation, Formation flying, ILS landings etc. The simulator software is designed so the pilot can perform self-training, by quick selection screen inside the cockpit the pilot can choose any saved scenarios to practice repeatedly.

Key features

  • Flight Navigation Practice Trainer (FNPT)
  • Emergency Procedure Trainer (EPT)
  • Cockpit Familiarization Trainer (CFT)
  • Pilot Recruitment Simulator (PRS)
  • Air Force Recruiting Display (AFRD)


The Pilot helmet of the future is essential to fly the airplane, NEGSIS Helmet System (NeHS) is developed to replicate the famous F-35 helmet developed by Rockwell Collins and Elbit Systems of America. The Sphere visual system is designed to immerse the pilot for a As Real As It Gets experience.

  • ILS mode
  • TACAN mode
  • GPS mode

Visual system
The visual system is a 240dg horizontal and 90dg vertical sphere projection solution which surround the pilot into a virtual world.

NeTS F-35 Simulator has full support for modern system integration, using secure rest web API’s



E. Wilshire Ave. 1353
Santa Ana CA. 92705 USA

NeTS - STOVL Carrier operations.

Our F-35 simulator can simulate all 3 versions of the Lockheed Martin F35 A/B/C. The amazing F-35B is unique as it is a Short TakeOff and Vertical Landing (STOVL) airplane that do not need catapult to takeoff, nor a wire arresting system to land on a aircraft carrier.

NeTS - AirToAir weapons.

Using weapon system in the F35 is easy and intuitiv, the AN/APG-81 AESA radar tracks multiple targets so the pilot just select the target of priority to lock the missile and push the trigger, in this video you can see our HMDS system in A2A mode tracking the enemy fighter before the AIM120C missile impacts.

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