NEGSIS Recruitment Solution – is an enterprise for pilot recruitment.

The NeRS solution is designed to get applicants as close to the final environment as early as possible in the process, and log all relevant data along the way. Supporting the recruitment process from start to finish or end of military servicing.

NEGSIS supports the recruitment process from the very first encounter by capturing the applicant’s interest at the recruitment agencies where they are meet for the very first time. A mobile and easily transportable version of the NEGSIS F-35 simulator (NeSI)

The NEGSIS solution includes a full applicant assessment system NEGSIS Recruitment Solution (NeRS). NeRS capture recruitment data from the very first applicant encounter. NeRS supports and enables all types of test scores to be entered into NeRS database, evaluated and shared by recruitment staff.

The applicant can be tested by performing various flight maneuvers in the simulator, while all relevant aspects about the applicant is being logged, analyzed and scored according to configurable parameters. This includes applicant motion, biometrics, stress level, multitasking capabilities and flight path results. Test scores are logged, and instructor evaluated in ‘NeRS’ All data in exercise sessions are logged and can be combined for exact replay of both plane and applicant behavior. NeRS create reports for east and fast analyzing key points of interests. All components of the NEGSIS system including the data are located on premise. No data is required in cloud systems and all data is stored encrypted.


The biometrics system monitors multiple vital data signals, enabling advanced health and performance data analysis. The Tesla suit’s integrated biometric system gathers real-time data from users while flying the simulator which can be used to relay emotional state, stress level, and key health indicators. This enables interactive training content which adapts to the trainee for personalized experiences and measurement of key baselines to understand improvement or degradation over time.

Haptic Feedback – G-Force

Touch and force feedback helps define actions and develops reflex. Tesla suit’s full body haptic feedback system is built into the suit and can be engaged on actions -, on demand -, or in response to motion capture comparison. This feedback provides users with sensation and a sense of touch in virtual and augmented reality. This electro-stimulation improves the learning experience by increasing immersion, fostering 360-degree awareness, and engaging muscle memory (simulating G-Force)

The Suit

The advanced physical pilot suit provides haptic feedback and captures both motion and biometrics. Suit data and flight data is merged and used for reporting to create state of the art pilot feedback and recruitment evaluation. A unique and innovative solution for fast predictive Analytics.

NeRS - Recruitment

Motion Capture – Reaction

Our state-of-the-art motion capture system records and tracks body position and movement. Integrated skeletal and 3D kinematic motion capture tracks human body interaction within the virtual training environment. This capture is essential to the delivery of correctly placed haptic experiences, and allows for professionals to lay down baselines, users can compare against. Using motion capture in training improves motor skills by enabling haptic guidance and error augmentation based upon baselines from professionals or a user’s own past tracked actions.

Scenario: Analyzing pilot biometrics during carrier landing
The figure below illustrate the analyses of a pilot’s Biometry in carrier landing scenario. The flight data and the biometry are recorded by NEGSIS NeSI interface to be reviewed and analyzed on demand.

In general:
The RED line is the pilot's profile flying in the simulator.
The GREEN line is the optimal pilot / flight profile sought in this scenario.
The YELLOW section is explained over the graph.

The pilot flies at an altitude of 4200 ft at a speed of 325 kts.
The target altitude at this time is 2100 ft and a speed of 310kts.
An altitude difference of +2100 ft and a speed difference of +15 kts.

Key features

  • Data Capture and Analysis: Unified data, predictive analytics, AI/ML.
  • Data Visualization: Strategic and tactical dashboards and reporting.
  • Applicant Tracking Tools: CRM tools, analytics, re-engagement, etc.
  • Security: All components of the NEGSIS system including the data are located on premise. No data is required in cloud systems and all data is stored encrypted.
  • Integration: NeRS solution has full support for modern system integration, using secure rest web API’s.


Log the applicant in the selection and education process from start to finish in NeRS Database.

You are just six steps away from a fulfilling new job. The Air Force recruitment process is designed to make sure you have the qualities we need, while helping  you identify the ideal role.

NeRS collect the initial results

The applicant go through a set of special selection missions in NeRS simulator session step designed to The Air Force to prefered pilot student profile.

NeRS generate performance
reports to evaluated selection


NeST is a assets tool for the Air Force as a addon tool for future pilot education program.

NeRS collected data for the invividuel students can be used to optimize future pilots training and education.


Collected data for the invividuel students can be used to optimize future training. Optionaly can the collected data be used through the hole carriere for all Air Force personel. NeRS is a powerfull tool for tracking and evaluation.

NeRS - Evolving force


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Santa Ana CA. 92705 USA

NeRS - TakeOff for the first time.

Let's go for a test flight in Next Generation Simulation Systems F35 simulator, a thrilling and awesome experience in the cockpit of the world's most advanced GEN 5 stealth fighter.

NeRS - Air Refuel exercices.

Air-Refueling is a extremely hard task for any pilot. Normaly a fighterpilot need to run through a checklist and switch off many systems before refueling, in the F35's a single touch on the panoramic dashboard screen and the aircrafts computer automaticlly turn off these systems. In NEGSIS F35 simulator pilots can repeatedly and rapidly train the refueling maneuvers over and over again.

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