NEGSIS Simulator - the most advanced F-35 simulator of its kind.

The NeSI F-35 Simulator is at the core designed for pilot training. It is in all aspects prepared to function as an add-on to Lockheed Martin’s full mission trainer. A complete state of the art F-35 Flight simulator. Fully modeled cockpit according to the real aircraft.
The pilot can either train independent by selecting scenarios from a small touch screen inside the simulator itself, or the simulator can be operated by staff from the outside using the more extensive instructor station that allows them to manipulate scenarios, the three F-35 A/B/C flight models are selectable. 


  • Full scale 1:1 model, built in composite materials to restrain massive use.
  • Full function replica Sidestick. (Optional: Active force Stick)
  • Full function replica Throttle w/AutoThrottle function.
  • Full function rudder pedals.
  • Full function replica panels w/Backlight.
  • Full function Helmet Mounted Display System.
  • Canopy is clear aero acrylic w/Electronic lift.
  • Can be setup to simulate version A/B/C of F-35.
  • High resolution visual system 220dg horizontal, 90dg vertical. 4 projectors.
    - The sphere shape enables the pilot to have a 3D experiences and help to sense depth.
  • Mission simulation functionality.
  • Main computer, build in.
  • Instructor Station computer. Easy use and handling of the simulator.
  • Installation dimension: 500cm diameter, 350cm height, 350cm depth.
  • Power requirement: 110/220V, 8,5Ah, 1870Wh.
  • Motion (Optional).

  • Windows 10.x

  • Lockheed Martin: Prepar3D v4.x.

  • VRS Tacpack weapon system.

  • NEGSIS SimServer.



  • NEGSIS Instructor Station.

  • NEGSIS Quick Scenario.

  • NEGSIS NeHS interface.


NEGSIS is the only company at present who has managed to replicate the pilot helmet used in F35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter from Lockheed Martin, produced by a joint venture between Rockwell Collins and Elbit Systems of America.
We developed this system to full integration into our simulator and provide the simulator pilot with information needed to fly, navigate, target tracking and fire control, a unique realistic experience.

Microsoft Hololens
NEGSIS HeHS is a fully integrated simulator interface standalone solution simulating the pilot helmet of the F-35.

Key features

  • Navigation mode (NAV)
  • Air to Air mode (AA)
  • Air to Surface mode (AS)
  • DAS function (DAS)
  • FLIR function (FLIR)

NeHS F-35 helmet emulation has full support for modern system integration, using secure rest web API’s

Software platform
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
*other platform is optional.

As Real As It Gets

Microsoft Hololens is the choice of NEGSIS

NeHS - Amplifies force

Cpt. Frank L. Culbertson Jr. USN Test pilot & NASA Astronaut


E. Wilshire Ave. 1353
Santa Ana CA. 92705 USA

Frank L. Culbertson Jr. - Cpt. NVY Testpilot & NASA Austronaut.

NEGSIS has the product
to optimize the future
pilot training and a true
revolutionary approch
to "how to" recruitment
pilots for the next
generation of fighter
pilots in the Air Force,
Navy and Army.

NeSI - the cockpit details.

Developed as Next Generation Simulation System pilot training and recruitment simulator, the most advanced cockpit flight simulator the world has ever seen, high quality materials to sustain massive continuously use.

NeHS - the Helmet in use at ILS landing.

Instrument Landing System (ILS) is truely amazing in our F35 simulator, not only the Secondary Flight Display (SFD) supports ILS also the stunning F-35 helmet in NEGSIS simulator is fully implementet and the future generation 5 fighterpilots can do Flight Navigation Pratice Training (FNPT) in our simulator setup.

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